Bishop, California #Clouds #Photography #Sky

I recently took my girls on a quick road trip to Bishop, California. Once you get closer to Bishop head North on the 395 towards Mammoth the drive is really gorgeous and there are lots of spots to get beautiful country shots along the way. I was in complete awe of the sky and loved seeing some real weather rolling in and then a thunder and lighting storm that was so strong we had to head home for fear of getting whacked in the head with a branch or better yet…stuck by lighting. Honestly if I didn’t have my kids I wouldn’t have minded it at all, it was super neat, crazy windy and was definitely a unique weather experience I had never seen being a Southern California girl. We have had some pretty neat thunder storms in Encinitas recently but it was nothing like this.

IMG_6785The first night we got in right as the sun was setting, one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.


IMG_6800Brewing all day…and here comes the storm.



These were taken the following day on the way home.








#PictureThis #Hats

I am so behind on updating my Picture This photos. I’ll skip directly to this week. This weeks challenge is #Hats. Click here to join our FB group. Also if you have a blog and would like to join my Tribe on Triberr. Please tweet me @kwistin27 and I’ll add you on. It is so fun and great for promoting each others posts.

I took this next picture over the summer and hadn’t posted it anywhere but love it so much. My little Baby T in the pool. She absolutely loves swimming, she loves the bath and as soon as the water is running she is whining and crying to get in. The beach has also been a blast for her, she loves playing with her big sister in the water. I think she is so brave because of Crazy Kid, seeing her play and laugh.

And then one more that my friend Marian Rosenthal | MSR Photography took of me when I was pregnant with Baby T. I love country music, cowgirl hats and boots and wanted one shot of me with my hat on 🙂 Thanks Marian!

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Happy Wednesday!

Yellow #Photography

I love color and love the idea of a whole bunch of yellow images together in a collection. I met some friends in Indio for Stagecoach Festival, YEEHAW, and I absolutely love the drive. On the way back I stopped and took a few photos and this one was perfect for the challenge. I love the mountains and the little splash of yellow wildflowers adds a nice balance of yellow to the line I think.

Stripes Lines #Photography

I took a few instagram line shots that I’ll upload here also. But this was my photo for the challenge. Baby T was wearing stripes so took a picture of the feet. I also like the lines in the concrete.

These are the Instagrams I took. These were taken at a much needed girls night. We all stayed up late like high school girls, went to the hot tub (there is a photo of me doing a handstand into the pool floating around I’ll see if I can locate it), had a lovely brunch the next day then headed to the pool. I had so much fun with my girls 🙂 Love you ladies. Here is our balcony…

Lounging at the pool, I like the lines of the tree and the pool edge.

Laying down looking up at a pergola.

And back to reality…at home with the kiddos and enjoying some bubbles out on our front porch. I didn’t realize how many lines there were in this picture at the time. The chairs, those previously seen baby legs and of course the mat. I love this one because my daughter is wearing one of my dresses and entertaining her baby sister. She loves dressing up in my dresses and twirls around it is so cute. Love my beautiful babies.

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#Dads #Fatherhood #Photography

I have quite a few #dad pictures. I take them most the time so the poor guy gets the camera pointed at him practically every weekend, yup pretty sure most weekends I take a picture of something he is doing with the kids. So this week I have quite a few to post.

Also a couple GREAT father’s day picture ideas. Let’s start with last years fathers day present to daddy.

Then I took the one below this year the day before Father’s Day. Really love how this one came out 🙂

And now for a couple projects I worked on with a buddy of mine. My friend Marian at MSR Photography saw a really cute Father’s Day picture idea and so we took turns taking each others pictures. I’ll post both of our #feet pictures. I absolutely love how these came out and am so happy my buddy included us on the fun. Below is the one she took of us.

And here is the one I took.

And then…lol, I told you I had a lot. I felt like my dad would be left out and that he needed a cool picture of his kids doing something silly like the feet project…but writing on the feet of a bunch of 30 something year olds might look a little weird. So…I came up with spelling out DAD with our bodies instead. I absolutely love how they came out! Thanks so much Marian at MSR Photography for taking our pictures! My brothers were a little hesitant and were like you want me to do what?! So happy they went along with it although there was a little grumbling. I am going to frame the DAD in a 3 picture frame and then do an 8×10 of my favorite shot of the three of us. It was so much fun!

#Easter #Spring #Photography

This was so fun, I packed up the girls and got them in their girly blue dresses and their pretty white bows. This location is off a walking trail so I had the stroller packed up and we headed off to look for spots. I had the water (this is a trail next to a lagoon) in the background for some of the other shots but could not get the little one to stop checking out the leaves and dirt. I think this might have been the first time she was really in a lot of it. I had tiny pink blanket that was so not cutting it, she easily could reach off and grab herself some dirt. Oh the good days when she was just learning to sit. Now she is on the go and almost walking, sniff sniff. I love my oldest daughter’s smile, she loved the nature walk time.