Bishop, California #Clouds #Photography #Sky

I recently took my girls on a quick road trip to Bishop, California. Once you get closer to Bishop head North on the 395 towards Mammoth the drive is really gorgeous and there are lots of spots to get beautiful country shots along the way. I was in complete awe of the sky and loved seeing some real weather rolling in and then a thunder and lighting storm that was so strong we had to head home for fear of getting whacked in the head with a branch or better yet…stuck by lighting. Honestly if I didn’t have my kids I wouldn’t have minded it at all, it was super neat, crazy windy and was definitely a unique weather experience I had never seen being a Southern California girl. We have had some pretty neat thunder storms in Encinitas recently but it was nothing like this.

IMG_6785The first night we got in right as the sun was setting, one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.


IMG_6800Brewing all day…and here comes the storm.



These were taken the following day on the way home.