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If you know me at all you have most likely seen one of my beach shots. I absolutely love taking pictures and the ocean is a pretty easy target, what’s not to like?ย I have my alarm set for about an hour before sunset so that if I choose I can get ready and walk over in time to catch it. My oldest daughter and I had a night to ourselves the other night and we walked over together, it had been a while since we had done this, and she was so genuinely happy to have the time with me that I wish I could keep it forever especially knowing the days of teenagers are looming over my head.






Taking a few moments when the sky may be particularly pretty with clouds or colors is also a nice way to slow down and appreciate our beautiful environment. Below are a few of my favorites and these are all taken and edited with my iPhone.

IMG_5563 IMG_5569





I love this panoramic shot below, it is such a great place to see the lagoon and the ocean unobstructed. This is an awesome place to watch the sunset also.




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I have quite a few #dad pictures. I take them most the time so the poor guy gets the camera pointed at him practically every weekend, yup pretty sure most weekends I take a picture of something he is doing with the kids. So this week I have quite a few to post.

Also a couple GREAT father’s day picture ideas. Let’s start with last years fathers day present to daddy.

Then I took the one below this year the day before Father’s Day. Really love how this one came out ๐Ÿ™‚

And now for a couple projects I worked on with a buddy of mine. My friend Marian at MSR Photography saw a really cute Father’s Day picture idea and so we took turns taking each others pictures. I’ll post both of our #feet pictures. I absolutely love how these came out and am so happy my buddy included us on the fun. Below is the one she took of us.

And here is the one I took.

And then…lol, I told you I had a lot. I felt like my dad would be left out and that he needed a cool picture of his kids doing something silly like the feet project…but writing on the feet of a bunch of 30 something year olds might look a little weird. So…I came up with spelling out DAD with our bodies instead. I absolutely love how they came out! Thanks so much Marian at MSR Photography for taking our pictures! My brothers were a little hesitant and were like you want me to do what?! So happy they went along with it although there was a little grumbling. I am going to frame the DAD in a 3 picture frame and then do an 8×10 of my favorite shot of the three of us. It was so much fun!