#RockArt Fish Rocks Mermaid Party

My youngest turned 4 and we had a mermaid party to celebrate. The rocks were a pinterest idea and I absolutely love how they turned out! I put the fish out with flowers and a picture of my little mermaid on one of the tables.


Very easy to make these…I like taking the girls to hunt for rocks at the beach, then we used acrylic paint and seashells we had collected. Paint, then let them dry and paint the eyes on after, letting each layer dry, it just works better. I used a hot glue gun to attach the shell tails. Use a big glob on the shell side and if you like stick in some little decorative gems. Voila!




#SundaySupper Hot Dr. Pepper with Lemon #FamilyTradition #ComfortFood

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I love this weeks theme for the #SundaySupper. Who doesn’t love comfort food! The first thing I thought of for this though is a beverage. This is always a surprising drink for our guests during the holidays or fall. And I am actually not sure which side of the family did it first, both sides make it. I have many memories of my dad making us Hot Dr. Pepper and also my grandma on my moms side. I never wanted mine with lemon when I was little but now it is an absolute MUST! We usually would serve this as an after dinner treat, when the fire was on and the kids were maybe playing or watching a movie. It seems like such a quiet time thing for me. I love the smell of the lemon with the sweet Dr. Pepper.

It is so easy, just pour a few cans…

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Health Tip #AirPunches

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I have been meaning to write in my Health Catergory for quite some time now. I actually have a good number of things I like related to this whole being healthy and green stuff, so I wanted to share one of my favorite and easiest ways to shapen up those arms. And believe me I know….I had a baby last July and was over 200 lbs. I’m embarrassed to say. I actually felt really great the entire pregnancy and was only really uncomfortable those last couple weeks, like most moms, probably because I had already stacked on some weight before I got pregnant. I probably was 175 before I got pregnant with Baby T. And I am now…145 🙂 Woohoo…I will post a few of the things I did to get back into shape.

Tip #1 – Air Punches

Because women “my age” are concerned about their arms for sure…

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The Rachel #SeriousSandwich

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I am so excited for this Sandwich! It is so simple and Turkey is my favorite sandwich meat. I am learning so much from Emeril. I have heard of a Reuben but not of the Rachel, maybe just missed it all these years. But so happy to have found it. I made it with sourdough instead of Rye though because I’m allergic to it, meaning I don’t like it 😉 Such a tasty sandwich, especially for late night cravings. It includes a homemade jicama slaw that was super fresh and crisp! Really Kicked it up! Definitely a comfort food recipe, I curled up in bed an enjoyed it with the Hubby watching a movie. Add on your favorite brewskie and you are good to go.

Coming soon: The Monte Cristo and also a Grilled Veggie with Hummus Sammich. Yum!!! Order your copy of Kicked-Up Sandwiches from Emeril Lagasse released TODAY!!…

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The Monte Freaking Cristo #SeriousSandwich

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This sandwich made me feel like a Rock Star!! If you are new to my blog, I have not been cooking long at all so there are a lot of things I have never done, even the basics! It has definitely been part of the challenge and fun of blogging, learning something new! I have come a long way since I started my blog and have been having so much fun along the way. I especially love this cook along! The #SeriousSandwich Bloggers have been so awesome and Emeril is amazing! Everything in this book looks so good and isn’t crazy complicated!

Click on the cover to order your copy.

One of my all time favorites sandwiches is the Monte Cristo! So for me to make one at home, build, bread, fry and serve, well it was freaking awesome! I was so happy to have this delicious meal at home…

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Peanutbutter, Banana & Honey #SeriousSandwich

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I don’t know if it is Emeril or Sandwiches but there is something about these sandwiches that is just so comforting. I can see how they can fit into my routine easily and become new regulars. My dad has always loved PB & Banana and the hubby and I’m hoping the kids will too. I will make the kids with sunflower seed butter because of nut allergies but it is almost like a dessert. The bananas I had weren’t super ripe so the honey was great for that. Sometimes you just can’t get the perfectly ripe banana when you want one. I like mine really ripe…starting to brown.

Click on the cover for your copy of Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches.

This was definitely the easiest sandwich so far! I can’t wait to make it again for the family or for a kids play date. I’ll be so popular, wash it down…

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Breakfast in a Jar #Grub


My plan is to make my smoothie first thing when I wake up. Then take my yogurt jar and coffee with me to work, I don’t start until 9 so I end up eating around 10 and enjoying my coffee while I’m working and not on an empty stomach.

Coffee + Empty Tummy = Shakes & Upset Belly 😦

I add spinach and acai berries to my smoothie so by ten am each morning I should have already had two servings of fruit and a veggie serving.

So….very simple you can throw it together in a few minutes in the morning.

  • Honey on the Bottom
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Granola
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Fruit of Choice
  • Chia Seeds

Throw a lid on it and take it to work for a Breakfast or Mid Afternoon Snack.