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I recently took my girls on a quick road trip to Bishop, California. Once you get closer to Bishop head North on the 395 towards Mammoth the drive is really gorgeous and there are lots of spots to get beautiful country shots along the way. I was in complete awe of the sky and loved seeing some real weather rolling in and then a thunder and lighting storm that was so strong we had to head home for fear of getting whacked in the head with a branch or better yet…stuck by lighting. Honestly if I didn’t have my kids I wouldn’t have minded it at all, it was super neat, crazy windy and was definitely a unique weather experience I had never seen being a Southern California girl. We have had some pretty neat thunder storms in Encinitas recently but it was nothing like this.

IMG_6785The first night we got in right as the sun was setting, one of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen.


IMG_6800Brewing all day…and here comes the storm.



These were taken the following day on the way home.








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If you know me at all you have most likely seen one of my beach shots. I absolutely love taking pictures and the ocean is a pretty easy target, what’s not to like? I have my alarm set for about an hour before sunset so that if I choose I can get ready and walk over in time to catch it. My oldest daughter and I had a night to ourselves the other night and we walked over together, it had been a while since we had done this, and she was so genuinely happy to have the time with me that I wish I could keep it forever especially knowing the days of teenagers are looming over my head.






Taking a few moments when the sky may be particularly pretty with clouds or colors is also a nice way to slow down and appreciate our beautiful environment. Below are a few of my favorites and these are all taken and edited with my iPhone.

IMG_5563 IMG_5569





I love this panoramic shot below, it is such a great place to see the lagoon and the ocean unobstructed. This is an awesome place to watch the sunset also.



#Photography Park Time

My daughter had a play date this week with her friends and we setup a hot cocoa stand and sold popcorn treat bags also. I think the kids made 12 bucks! I got these shots of my girls while they were playing. I love how Crazy Kid always manages to collect some flowers and create a bouquet. And Baby T absolutely loves playing with all the big kids, she strolls along and says Hi and is just so happy to be playing with all the kids. She never runs off and sticks with her older sister. I just love it and them.

#Clickerton #Texture

This weeks Challenge in the Clickerton group is Texture. It is so fun to shoot texture!! I need to do it more after seeing some of the pictures that were shared. Some really awesome pictures. Here are the ones I submitted this week.

I actually really like the shots that I took for texture after looking at them, a night shot, one was from a walk, and something in my own backyard, all taken within the last week, except the spider grass…that is what I call it at least, I need to look it up. And that cracks me up that I took a picture of a spider also.

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Glimpses Week 39 – Playing #Smile

I missed a couple weeks, been too busy to keep up on all the stuff I want to do. I absolutely love doing these glimpses and took the perfect one yesterday. Baby T was playing in the backyard. She is such a happy baby, we are so extremely lucky and blessed!! She makes everyone smile, she says Hi all the time and waves at everyone that walks by her. Oh I just love this little bundle of joy. Baby T you are so sweet and I have cherished our time together. I love how you have grown to be a very independent little baby with a hilarious sense of humor. You are so playful and seeing you lights up my world and melts my heart. I love you baby girl. Now slow down and stop growing on me 😉

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