#Patchouli Pillow Spray

Kwistin's Favorites

I love Patchouli!! I originally had my heart set on Lavender because I saw this idea on Mama’s Blissful Bites and that’s what she did, plus I love lavender. But I figured I had enough lavender things already and Patchouli was on sale plus I really love the scent so…I gave it a whirl. The smell of Patchouli always reminds me of being on vacation in Hawaii for my honeymoon, they must have had a similar scent there. Perfect for a Pillow Spray 🙂

This is so incredibly easy!! I am only going to make my own Pillow Sprays from now on. Just pick up your favorite essential oil and distilled water. I like adding in little fancies to make it look pretty…for mine I put in little marbles, but I was thinking for the lavender it might be nice to put in real lavender, definitely would be pretty!


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