Pumpernickel Bread #SeriousSandwich

Kwistin's Favorites

This was so fun to make! My grandpa had a bread maker growing up so I kinda assumed any bread with the exception of banana and what not was made in a bread maker. So when I saw this recipe and that it was something I could actually do without one I definitely wanted to try it. Especially because we had bought the store bought stuff and it was a little dry so I was curious to see how my own would come out.

There were so many smells when making this recipe. First you smell the spicy herbs, then you get more of a sweet chocolate smell and then when you are making the dough it actually smelled a little like play dough to me. The homemade kind. I love smells…good ones that is. I smell my animals and my kids. I actually have my blankey that my grandma…

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