Grilled Idiazabal Cheese with Quince Paste, Pears, and Walnut Butter #SeriousSandwich

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This sandwich sounded so good, I just knew I had to make it. Turns out though, I had to make a few substitutions. So, instead of Idiazabal cheese, I used Manchego. Instead of Quince Paste, I used Quince Preserves. Instead of Walnut Butter, I made Pecan Butter. I did use a Bosc pear, sliced so thinly you can see through it, and pumpernickel bread. Why all the substitutions? Hmmm, I guess it turns out I need to investigate some new specialty markets in my area. And I need to investigate my supplies better before I start something 🙂
This sammy was very good. It was sweet, from the fruit. It was savory, from the bread and cheese. The nut butter gave it some richness.  No cayanne or chile or paprika, so this was the least spicy of all the sandwiches I’ve tried from Emeril’s book. Interesting though, because the…

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