Question #3 #Chatpack What is your Symbol?

It has been quite a while since I have blogged lots of personal changes had me on a little hiatus. But…I am recently motivated to get back in the game, add some new interests and get blogging again. I only did two chatpack questions before but they’re pretty fun, gets you thinking about things you maybe haven’t thought of before. I really love blogging because writing and posting not only will give me something to look back at it also helps me to be thankful for what life has to offer and remember and appreciate the special times especially.

Question #3

If, instead of actually writing out your name, you now had to “sign” your name with a simple drawing of something, what would you draw to represent yourself?

I love this question, basically thinking of yourself without a name and instead a personality. It actually makes me think of the tattoo I covered up about 8 years ago that I got when I was 18. It was a sun with a silly face, sticking its tongue out. Kinda similar to my profile picture I actually just realized. I have a picture of it from ages ago but not sure I want to show it haha I mean I did cover it up…so basically a sun making a face like this, possibly the hang loose sign also even though it isn’t a thing I do, no scratch that, making the peace sign. I’ve always said I’m a hippy at heart and my initial thought was a peace symbol so I would love to incorporate that into my symbol. I’d pick a sun, sticking out its tongue, making a peace sign.

I love the sun, being happy, I’m a little crazy and like to have fun and ultimately hope to have a peaceful heart and a peaceful world.



What would your symbol be? Extra credit for anyone who draws theirs and posts it 🙂 I’m going to see if I can recruit my oldest to draw mine for me. It’ll be my personal logo.



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