The London West Hollywood #takemetolondon

First have to say The London West Hollywood is flippin’ awesome! I had an opportunity to attend a social media event at The London West Hollywood thanks to my friend Xenia at Raised by Culture. Thank you Xenia, you rock! I heard Gordon Ramsay and was like Hell’s yeah I’m in! 😉

I have been a big fan of Gordon Ramsay since the first season of Hell’s Kitchen. He is hilarious to watch, my husband and I would watch and giggle at the Chunky Monkey name calling. Oh how we wanted to be in that restaurant for one of the challenges. So of course as soon as I heard about this event I was in.

The hotel is definitely in an AWESOME location and is one of a kind! It is very elegant and had so much attention to detail. It is at the bottom of Hollywood Hills and has a 360 degree view from their rooftop deck unlike any other in the city of LA! Also have to say because these things are important to me, breakfast and WiFi are free with any room!

It is an all suite hotel and every room has a balcony. One of my favorite things and you’ll notice right away when you are walking to your room especially are the sensory details. When designing the hotel they wanted it to be unlike any other experience. The walls are covered in a Suede Wallpaper so you can run your hands along the soft walls making imprints as you walk to your room. They brush the walls three times per day. Like I said attention to detail was definitely impressive!

The view from a balcony below.

One of the great things about this hotel is the privacy you’ll feel in each room. There is a really thick wall, lol can’t remember how thick or what to call it, but there is an entry to every pair of suites, then a very thick sound proof wall in between the two suites so you won’t hear noise and you can stay up late and hang which tends to happen a lot in this area. Right next to the Viper Room and a lot of other popular spots.

Here I am in the awesomely HUGE bathroom, complete with a large bath and a walk in shower. Great place to relax with a cocktail before a night out.

The pool is completely private and you have to be staying at the hotel. The only time they open it to the public is during the summer for Wednesday nights on Sunset. They have a traditional Happy Hour, DJ and gourmet samplings. Reservations are required but entry is free. The hotel gets a lot of stars because of the privacy. The Kardashians are frequent guests.

We had a lovely lunch at the Rooftop by Gordon Ramsay. One of the three Gordon Ramsay Restaurants at the hotel.  I had to try the Burger and it did not disappoint. I also tried the hibiscus mojito and the sangria. Both were very refreshing and perfect for a summer day!

Below is a shot of a private dining rooms at the formal restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the London West.

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And perhaps one of my favorite shots of the day…what would you expect at a social media event, of course everyone is one the phone. I put mine down when food and goody bags show up of course. Well after a photo is taken of course.

Thanks so much Emily Taffel for a fantastic time at the London West Hollywood. I will definitely be recommending this as the Hollywood spot to stay!

Some of the Awesome peeps that attended the events are below.

Melanie Waldman @ Travels with Two

Jen Friel @ Talk Nerdy to me Lover

Lee Abbamonte

Lon Haber

Michael Koehn

Melanie Kaminski @ Metropolitan Money Pit

Meghan @ Meghan’s Guilty Pleasure Travel Blog

Please comment if I missed you, I didn’t get everyone’s cards!! 🙂 If you ever see this that is. Click here to Follow the London West Hollywood on Twitter.


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