Homegirl Cafe & Homeboy Industries

After the Walker Foods Tour we were scheduled for lunch at Homegirl Cafe and then a Tour of Homeboy Industries. This was absolutely amazing experience. “Homeboy Industries serves at-risk and gang involved youth with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their multiple needs, and runs four businesses that serve as job-training sites.”

Homegirl cafe was really good. I had the Kale Grilled Cheese and also sampled the hibiscus tacos. They have some fun beverages to try out also.

Then it was off to tour Homeboy Industries all under the same roof.

There was beautiful art for sale all over the building. Also a shot of the homies. 🙂

I really love how this shot turned out. I had my fish eye lens on for the tour and am glad I did I was able to capture the building well.

Father Gregory Boyle, the man behind it all.

Homeboy Industries & Homegirl Cafe

After the tour our guide told us his story and how Father Boyle was personally there for him throughout his life.

One of the major things Homeboy Industries does is tattoo removal. Gang tattoos and facial tattoos are priorities and are put at the top of the list. Our guide had multiple tattoos removed, has been shot twice and his father died from a heroin overdose when he was three. It is really hard to imagine what his life was like. He definitely feels that Father Boyle saved his life and Homeboy Industries gave him direction and support he didn’t have.

Thanks Homeboy Industries for a great tour!
Raised by Culture also blogged about our tour. Thanks for putting the tour together. I had such an awesome time and really appreciate it 🙂

Pearmama also blogged about our tour. Love the images, great post!!


6 thoughts on “Homegirl Cafe & Homeboy Industries

  1. Kristin, I would like to know if you would be willing to share use of your wonderful exterior shot of the Homegirl Cae/Homeboy Industries. I absolutely love the image and we get asked all the time for pictures of our building. We would not use it for commercial purposes but I would like, if you are willing to share the image, permission to use it on our website and potentially in some of our marketing materials. Please let me know. Thanks. Alison Camacho, Director of Marketing and Communications, Homeboy Industries.


    1. Absolutely! I would be honored, I will email you the file 🙂 I could even come up again just to take pictures for you at no cost. I think it is such an awesome program I’d love to volunteer my time! I’d love to come on a day Father Boyle was there even, if you’d be up for it let me know also.


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