El Pato Tour – Walker Foods Inc.

I recently had the opportunity to take a Tour of Walker Foods Inc., makers of El Pato sauces. They also make mustard and vinegar. In-n-Out Burgers uses their mustard to make their secret sauce.

“Walker Foods, the first to produce salsa in the United States, was founded by James Walker in l9l4 and has remained a family business ever since, The current company President is Robert Walker, James’ grandson. The company occupies its original site adjacent to the Los Angeles River in the heart of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The eight-acre complex covers the greater part of an industrial city block.”

That is right this company has been around almost 100 years!!! I was so impressed with how much the employees really loved working for the Walker Family. Every week the Walkers come in and have a family lunch with the grandma who is 93 years old. It really is a neat company and an awesome sauce!!

They gave us some goody boxes to take home and a few items that are not in stores yet. They have a chipotle sauce, yum!! It is so good and my favorite is their SALSA PICANTE CON JALAPEÑO.

Check out my photos from the tour. Thanks everyone at Walker Foods for an awesome Tour and some tasty samples! I will definitely be blogging El Pato Recipes soon!!

These rings were used in the old days to tie up your horse. Such a neat place!

We had a lovely time meeting you Mr. Walker!


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