Pick Me Andy Cohen – Raise the Bar :)

I am writing this blog post because I need more than 200 words to explain why I should be picked to be behind the bar on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. First I have to get the I love you’s out of the way. Andy I love you!! You are so fun and sweet and I love your honest point of view and how you are always nice and respectful to your guests. I love you Housewives, definitely am so excited to see any city pop up on the DVR or if I am lucky enough to watch it live then I love checking out Twitter at the same time. And love most of the other shows too, shout out to Jeff and Jenny and Love me some Top Chef!

If you read about Crazy Kwistin one of my goals is to be on Watch What Happens Live so to see the opportunity to be on the show as the bartender would absolutely blow my mind!! Plus a trip to NY and I get to meet Andy. OMG.

If you asked any of my friends they would all tell you what a huge fan I am, not to sound crazy although my name is crazy Kwistin, lol…but really Love me some Brav0!! I fill my husband in on the housewives lives like they are my family or something haha, he’s probably like thanks honey glad I know how you feel about Vicki’s daughter getting hitched in Vegas (man I was feeling for Vicki). Anyway, it would be an experience of a lifetime and an absolute dream come true. To go to NY, to be behind the bar, but also to meet the man behind it all Bravo Andy.

You rock!

Kisses from Kwistin 🙂


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