Lemonade Stand #Photography

I had to post this picture of my baby girl, who is sooooo not a baby anymore. If we ever saw Lemonade Stands we would always stop whenever possible and buy a few cups from the adorable little sales person, we even ended up with a shell necklace once from some young entrepreneurs.

I found this awesome lemonade stand, only $20 bucks at CVS. My daughter was so excited to setup her own stand and was out selling for an hour and a half. The first car that came up said “have you gotten a lot of customers, you are so adorable” and my daughter said so sweetly “no I haven’t had any yet”. As a mom seeing my excited little girl ready to sell her lemonade, it was almost stressful for me, what if no one stopped?? Mom and Dad can only be good for one cup but she stuck around and waited and ended up with I think 6 customers and 9 dollars. She was so proud! The next day the neighbors had a garage sale and she took her hard earned cash and bought herself a new dress up costume and a blue Cinderella horse.

I absolutely love this picture!


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