Stripes Lines #Photography

I took a few instagram line shots that I’ll upload here also. But this was my photo for the challenge. Baby T was wearing stripes so took a picture of the feet. I also like the lines in the concrete.

These are the Instagrams I took. These were taken at a much needed girls night. We all stayed up late like high school girls, went to the hot tub (there is a photo of me doing a handstand into the pool floating around I’ll see if I can locate it), had a lovely brunch the next day then headed to the pool. I had so much fun with my girls 🙂 Love you ladies. Here is our balcony…

Lounging at the pool, I like the lines of the tree and the pool edge.

Laying down looking up at a pergola.

And back to reality…at home with the kiddos and enjoying some bubbles out on our front porch. I didn’t realize how many lines there were in this picture at the time. The chairs, those previously seen baby legs and of course the mat. I love this one because my daughter is wearing one of my dresses and entertaining her baby sister. She loves dressing up in my dresses and twirls around it is so cute. Love my beautiful babies.

To view my Instagram Pictures click here I love Instagram, follow me at Kwistin27 if you love it too!


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