#Milestones #Photography

I love taking pictures because it gets you out and about and searching for new locations and new scenery. I Love Del Mar and used to work there, I’d go to lunch at Cafe Breeze sometimes or one of the cute little places there and dream of having a house nearby and walking to the beach. Oh I love Del Mar…anyway, they have an awesome park overlooking the ocean and the train tracks. The swings face out over the ocean and it is just so pretty, I took this picture of Baby T on the swings that day, one of my favorite all time pictures of her. It wasn’t my milestone shot of the week but had to share it anyway because I love it so.

Below was her first time ever on a swing. I don’t know why I didn’t put her in one earlier, she Loved it!! She was smiling and laughing, it was adorable. Kathryn was pushing her, really one of those mommy moments you love. Made my mouth hurt I was smiling so much.

And now for the picture I used for #milestones challenge, learning to crawl and our adventure in Del Mar. We crawled around and took some pictures, Kathryn loved running around and I happened to get her in the background.


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