#Photography #Red #White #Pink #Valentines

The challenge is to incorporate reds, pinks, and/or whites. Maybe take for a Valentine’s picture for the Grandparents.

So…we went with brighter pinks, grabbed some flowers from Trader Joe’s, and headed for a brick wall near the parking lot. Here’s my daughter being oh so sweet and I really love how this picture came out. Really motivated me to get back on the picture wagon after having my youngest.


Baby T wasn’t in the mood for pictures when we took the one above so I had to get them back out for another try in some lighter colors. Once a baby can sit up it is like a whole new world opens up for photo ops 🙂 I finally get to sit them together to take a picture, no more lying down pictures for the baby. I think that is why at 6 months (when Baby T learned how to sit-up) was such an exciting time for me. I finally wanted to take pictures again. I was getting used to the new schedule as a mom of 2 and the cuteness of siblings was just too much for me to handle. I love seeing my girls together. I love seeing them smile at each other. Baby T lights up when she sees her big sister. OMG I knew it would be cute but this was even more cuteness then I expected. “You make my heart feel super happy -KiLan”


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