#Encinitas #Photography #EngagementPictures

This was the first shoot that got me motivated actually…well again, I was motivated about two years ago to take pictures then got pregnant and had my second daughter and took a long pause. It really was crazy I just didn’t want to do all the bending and moving around required to take pictures. I had a summer baby so it was warm and I was wearing dresses and I got huge, I mean come on that’s really why I wasn’t wanting to move let’s be honest. Anywho…6 months after bambina was born, bam I get my motivation back big time. Baby T can sit up now and is the happiest baby. The cuteness of an older sibling, Crazy Kid and new baby is absolutely mind boggling…I knew it was going to be cute to see them hug but OMG they are freaking adorable. Anyway, what was I talking about again, oh yes, this shoot!!!

I arranged to take engagement pictures and I had such an awesome time and absolutely loved how they came out. I was so motivated I decided to go for it and make a page for my pictures, take some classes (I had been sitting on a private session for over a year), and really have fun with this new love. So here are my Favorite 3 from this shoot…it was hard to pick because I do love them all 🙂

I love this one, the light, the tracks, love the red shoes and the hat!

I feel lucky that the train went by when we where there. I love this picture!! I love her expression and her hair flying up…love how this one came out.

I posted one in B&W and in color because I just really love this picture. I love the kissing ones of these two and don’t normally like kissing shots. It is hard to look good kissing but these two did it. And I know I’d love a shot of me and my hubby smooching like this. Putting that one on my list of to-do’s!!


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