Eco-Friendly Bridal Shower

I went to the most awesome Bridal shower ever today…an eco-friendly bridal shower…which means you shop, get this, at your house 🙂 um, love it!! Well there were actually a few ways to give a gift, you could also buy something organic too but I went the not going to buy a thing route. But this is the beauty of it, it isn’t like you pick something you don’t want in your home anymore like you are giving it to goodwill. You pick something you like or love even but are willing to part with. Something maybe that was given to you on your wedding day or that you have liked over the years and think someone else would enjoy. I picked a Blue Vase that we got from our wedding. It happened to be the bride-to-be’s favorite color and the same color as her china so it was really a good feeling to know she actually liked it too. I didn’t have to spend money on anything and was simplifying my space at the same time. I’m telling you, I LOVE this idea. Check out the adorable pictures as well from the party. Below is the setup, very cute, the hostess did an awesome job! All the food was organic and really tasty! I’ll see if I can scrounge up some recipes actually.

I love love love when the hostess does this for the bride-to-be, makes me feel great that she won’t have to take time writing out a bunch of addresses and looking them up. It is the right address where I want it to go and if I didn’t fill one out then that’s my fault 😉 Anyway love this so had to post the picture.

This game was so cute and actually caused quite the debate.

Then the there was the candy game, everyone got to pick their favs and take em’ home. Match the candy to the corresponding wedding milestone, actually was kind of tricky and pretty fun.

And guess what was NOT made of recycled materials…actually a tricky one also, only one person got it right.

I absolutely loved the theme for this Bridal Shower!! Had a fabulous time playing the games and mingling with the ladies. The bride-to-be had so much fun opening her presents and will remember them better I think because each gift had a story behind it.

Fun Times!!


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